Our Day In The Bay

A day with Brinkley in the bay typically lasts six (6) hours from hello to goodbye. Start times will vary depending upon the season, location, tide, wind and weather that affect fishing conditions. The beginning of our trip will consist of going over the plan for our day and rigging up. We will go over our gear, lures, and the tactics we will use to find and catch the day's targeted species. We will then fish for five (5) hours and likely cover one (1) to two (2) miles of shoreline taking breaks as needed. After fishing we will spend the remainder of our trip going over the day's results and break down/clean up our gear. 

I will provide rods and reels but please feel free to bring your own if you would like. I will also provide all lures, leader, pliers, and other necessary equipment for the day's trip. You will need to bring your own Waders (if necessary), and wading attire that is appropriate for the day's given conditions. I highly recommend a hat, polarized sunglasses, long sleeve fishing shirt, and sunscreen as well. I will bring cold water, fruit, and snacks but feel free to bring your favorite fishing snack also.